saturn is Transiting my 12 house

I wrote previously about Saturn transiting my 12th house. Needless to say a person experiencing this transit may seek spirtitual guidance from others. So there I was all hopeful seeking a psychic on the internet.

My first experience getting a psychic reading

The first psychic I found on youtube, you had the option of asking 5 questions by email for $25. I sent her my questions and within about 3 days she sent the answers back to me. The responses I got were vague, and could have been applied to anybodys questions. I was feeling very doubtful about the future before I sent her my 5 questions, and even more so after I got her responses. I never wrote her back about this, I just chalked it up to a bad experience.

The Second Psychic Reading was disappointing and Expensive

The second psychic reading was much worse and I spent a lot more money. $150.00 to be exact, We had a phone conversation for 1 hour….Heres the thing about it folks…this lady talked the whole time, I barely got time to ask any questions and she only gave me 3 predictions. Needless to say, I am thoroughly disappointed with the whole experience. the best thing I got from that was, how not to treat my clients when I start doing astrology reading. I am not here to out her, which is the reason I am not mentioning her name, however I want people to know that not all who say they are psychic will provide you with the best service, or accuracy.

Psychic Accurate…maybe not

Now I am even doubting the accuracy of this so-called psychic. She said my boyfriend and I were having some problems, but that we would be in each others lives at least for the next 2 months. The next time I saw my boyfriend after I spoke with her – WE BROKE UP! So what would you be thinking. And…We broke up over the fact that I was talking to a psychic, she said we would have a fight about him flirting with another woman. I can’t believe the money I spent, and I can’t believe she talked the whole time about things not having to do with the reading.

Astrology is more accurate than having a “psychic reading”

For now I will stick to astrology. I have “the gift” my self, just not to the point where I can turn it on and off, but I am working on that. During the psychic reading she told me she sees me as “a reader” that she thinks I don’t need tools such as astrology charts or “tarot cards” to do readings. This made sense to me, because I had recently had some deeply intuitive experiences prior to the reading. What I like about astrology is that it makes sense, is based on math, and has not been wrong so far. My astrology Chart says that I will have on again off again love affairs – for now. That I am going through a hard time emotionally, but growing and becoming more aware of who I am spiritually. It also says that I will become more involved in my work come april of 2010. There is also the potential of having some money come my way between now until april 2011. Astrology is accurate, maybe it can’t be specific but it is accurate and includes timing. None of my predictions on love, or money, or career, have ever been wrong. I hope to keep that track record.

I now offer astrology readings through my blog

I wont be consulting any more psychics. I am trying to enhance my own intuition, through books, meditation and prayer. Astrology has been a part of my life for 14 years, there is a reason for that. I wasnt sure if I wanted to do it professionally, as I have always treated it like a hobby. But since I have been so successful in terms of accuracy, I now want to share astrology with others. I do offer readings, to see the types of astrology readings I offer click this link. I have another website that is being built so it may not be completely ready yet. but you can still check it out. I will be offering many types of readings such as….

  • Personology Report – good for your self or to learn about someone you are dating
  • Love and compatibility Report – Find out how compatible you and a potential love partner are
  • Lovers sex Report – Find out sexual compatibility, what each person likes, and advice for improvement if not compatible.
  • 2011 Life and Love Reading – This reading is by phone, and you can ask questions.
  • Luck and Gambling Report – Luckiest months for the next 12 months, and lucky gambling dates for the next 12 months $39.00

Psychic Readings can’t be measure, you don’t know what you are getting

I have nothing against psychics, but I realize the skills of each psychic cannot be measured. Therefore you don’t know what you are getting. Astrology is scientific, and based on something real and physical – the planets. Astrology readings are also based on your unique date of birth, which very few people will have your exact date of birth (that you know) with the same day, month and year.

So, I will continue to have a great love for astrology, it has answered many questions for me, mostly having to do with love relationships and compatibility. No more psychic readings for me. If you ever have questions that you want answers to contact, me. I would be more than happy to do an astrology reading for you.

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