Many of you have read about moon signs in astrology books, or have read about your own moon sign online. This article is for those who want to learn more about the significance of the moon sign, in an astrological chart reading, and what it may have to do with love.

What the moon sign meaning in astrology means

In astrology the moon is your feelings your emotions, how sensitive or insensitive you are. Your moon sign can reveal if you are an emotionally need person, someone who intellectualized their emotions, someone who seeks solutions to potential upsets or if you are someone who prefers to take more of a like and breezy approach to things. The moon reveals how quick a person is to anger, how they will handle upset, and how they will handle others when emotions and feelings become provoked. The moon is an important part of synastry (love compatibility astrology) and an important part of understanding the self.

Moon signs in love and love compatibility in relationships

ability to understand the emotions of the other person…..This means you understand your partner…

  • you are able to quickly understand the feelings of your partner
  • you don’t understand your partners emotions
  • your partner is too emotional for you
  • your partner is too methodical when it comes to emotions
  • you would like to understand your partners feelings better

Having a love compatibility reading

Having a love compatibility reading done can help / you and or your partner to better understand the other. Astrology can provide insight into why your partner expresses his or her emotions the way they do. The moon sign is the key to understanding your partners needs and emotions and can help to deepen an existing relationship.

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