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    Astrology Readings for Couples – Love and Compatibility 

    Hi my name is Yuajah, I do astrology readings for couples. Maybe you are part of a couple who wants to know exactly how compatible you and your partner really are? Maybe you want to know if this relationship has staying power? Whatever your questions are about your relationship, Astrology can help.

    Why do most people get couples astrology readings?

    Most people get a couples reading, otherwise known as a love and compatibility astrology reading, to know if they are with “the right” person. Some individuals do it just for fun, because they already know they are with the one that is just perfect for them. Either way if you want some answers regarding compatibility and love in your relationship, a love compatibility reading is right for you.

    What does an astrology love and compatibility reading involve

    The love compatibility astrology reading is a very common type of reading cast by an astrologer. For the reading to be successful I always ask my client for

    • The birth date of both partners
    •  The birth city of both partners
    • The birth country of both partners
    • The birth time of both partners if known (this is not a must)
    • Indication of which partner is male and which partner is female
    • Or if this is a same-sex couple
    • The two first names of both partners 

    With this information, I am able to enter into my astrological software and cast the birth chart of the two parties superimposed. This shows me the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Otherwise known in astrology as “stresses and strains.”  And how each partner is effecting the others lives “as one” I do not put too much emphasis on this information in my reading, because there is much more meaningful information that can be revealed and that is helpful to the couple.

    What does a compatibility reading reveal that can help the couple

    • my astrology reading for couples covers – sexual compatibility
    • my astrology reading for couples covers – love compatibility
    • my astrology reading for couples covers – emotional compatibility
    • my astrology reading for couples covers – outlook on life compatibility
    • my astrology reading for couples covers – relationships understanding compatibility
    • my astrology reading for couples covers – communication compatibility

    As your astrologer, if I find that the couple are incompatible in one or more of these area, advice will be given to deepen the bond in that area therefore strengthening the relationship. Astrology is a tool and when used properly can enrich love between two souls.

    How to book a Reading with Yuajah

    To book an astrology compatibility reading, you can visit my website  or simply email me, esorw@yaho.com lets chat.  compatibility readings are $45, and are video recorded for you to watch and play back. Have a nice day.

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    Astrology Readings for my own life as an Astrologer 

    Now after 14 years of reading my own astrological chart I sometimes wonder just how benificial it really is. Having this knowledge, and having an idea of what is to come before it actually arrives. I remember when Saturn transited my 11th house. That was the worst. I felt I was going to die and nobody cared. The good thing about astrology is that it will always tell you when things will improve and in some ways even how they will improve.

    Some time ago, actally this year starting in April (2010) I could see that some money would soon be coming my way. Being a regular visitor to the Casino, I assumed (and hoped) that I would win a slot machine jackpot or something. Well, money came alright, but it wasnt in the form of casino winnings. I came from my tax return. Having that money sure made me happy.

    If you ever have a cycle (or transit) that you enjoy and would like to experience it again so you could take advange of it in a more smart and deliberate way, well guess what you can! planets always have a retrogade period. So you can do it again smarter. That means the planets tend to go back once and therefor you get a second chance to do things again. I will have that same planetary alighment that brought me the money from the tax return again. This time I plan to visit the Casino more. LOL

    In a way reading my own astrological chart has been good and not so good. When I see something that I would enjoy, I am happy, when I see something that does not look like too much fun, I am not so enthused. Any type of divination comes with a responsiblity. To accept and to make the best of the situation. When I do a reading for my clients. I like to let them know what they can learn from the transit or how best to take advantage, or just plain how to get through it. I also like to help my clients know that we create our lives throught our thoughts and our actions. That by choosing our thoguhts in alighnment with how we would like our lives to be will allow us to live more fullfiling rewarding lives.

    Life isnt always easy. Sometimes we need answers to things. Astrology has been a really big help for me in many ways. Astrology has helped me to know…

    • The best time to take action (on a project) to maximize the benifits
    • Who my best allies are
    • When to expect new love
    • When money will be tight
    • and also….what my best career choices are

    Astrology and reading my own birth chart and progressed chart has given me clarity on the issues that take place in my life. It has also helped me to understand my self better and gain more self awareness and spiritual awareness. To book a reading call 416-712-3481

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    Saturn transits in the 12 house 

    Saturn is now going through the 12 house of my astrological chart. If you are familar with astrology you are feeling sorry for me right now. Truthfully I feel sorry for my self. I notice alot of self doubt and lack of confidence (same thing…lol) I just cant seem to shake it. I have asked my spirit guides to help me with this and they have. I do feel better since speaking with them. I know Saturn will be in my 12 house for some time, so I am telling my self to get used to the fact. In case you too have saturn transiting your 12 house here are some things you can expect. but first lets take a look at what this planet (Saturn) and what this house (the 12 house) mean on their own.

    Meaning and Influence of the planet Saturn

    Saturn is the wise teacher of astrology. He shows us where we need to grow up and why we need to grow up. He shows us where our false beliefs lie. His is intention is not to make us misaerable, but to show us that they long road may be long but in the end it is more stable more sound. Saturn guides us to take stock of our selves and where we can make changes. Wherever Saturn sits in your birth chart is probably the area that you have had the toughest time in life, but may also be the area in which you feel most wise, most mature and most aware of who you truely are. Saturn forces you to set boundaries for your self, to take a stand, and to fight for what you believe is rightfully yours and nothing less.

    Saturn transits in your progressed birth chart represents where you may be kidding your self or where you are learning. Kidding your self??? yes, Each transit comes through, goes retrogade and then comes back again. By the time it is on its second go around in a particular house, you will have learned a thing or two because the retrogade taught you what will not work, and they you learn to rework it. Except for saturn in the 12 house, this placement, can mean emotional questions by the querant to him self.

    • Saturn in the 12th house….
    • Can cause a person to be self doubting
    • Some May contemplate suicide
    • To seek help from professionals regarding the emotions or help
    • Question life and its meaning
    • To feel Sad

    I have been experiencing all of these things, but before you run away screaming, it is important to know why these things may come up during  a Saturn transit to your 12 th house.

    Neptune and Pisces meanings

    Neptune is the planet of ideals. Some ideals are very clear, and at other times unclear. Neptune is the dreamer in astrology, he help us to know what we want by day daydreaming, visualization etc. Neptune rules the law of attraction, cloudiness, deception, lies, and our insecurities. Loving Pisces is ruled by neptune. Most Pisces men and women tend to be sensitive and caring. However this zodiac sign is prone to very low lows and the highest of highs. Pisces people tend to be very warm and engaging one moment, and very distant and inward the next. This is the nature of the Neptunian influence.

    Just to write this is bringing me down. If you also have Saturn transiting your 12 house, please know it will not last forever. Focus on your goals, use the law of attraction to draw healthy experiences to you, and just wait for the planet to leave its retrogade movement. During this time you may experience a long held goal coming to fruition. Work hard on your goals and Saturn will reward you. For more information check out my post on  “what is astrology.”

    • Edward Kelley Wright 7:51 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I have had saturn in my Horary 12th house for sevarel years now. its hurting everbody around me that I love most. I have had cancer, strokes open heart srgery, exstream poverty, alienation by peers and family for fucking doing nonthing but getting fucking hurt! its to fucking much, I love my kids more than myself thats why I dont pull that fuckig triger, Every thing I have is broke down or going down its been eight years now fuck

      • loveluckastrology 3:13 am on November 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I appreciate your sharing. I know exactly how you feel. I am now experiencing Saturn in my 12th house as well. A good friend of mine says “tomorrow is another day.” Its best to take it day by day and try to find one new thing each day to appreciate. A bird on a window sill, the love of a close friend, a favorite song. I would be more than happy to take a look at your chart for you, to see when things will ease up or change.

        I am happy to know your children are a source or light for you. I dont have any for me, so I am still awaiting my piece of inspiration.

    • Barehand 4:06 pm on November 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Whew! Saturn just passed out of my 12th house not long ago and is going through the 1st. But in Esoteric Astrology its just the opposite. So we shall see…..I have Jupiter Chiron Neptune conjunction with Neptune in orb of the ascendant by 4 degrees . Saturn was kind to me by helping me firm up a plan to ground the Spirituality and Culture of my North American Indian background. I want to foster girls and teach them culture towards a harmonious future survival. I have a good plan on how to do this. I am 65 and thinking about what can be done for future generations.

      • loveluckastrology 7:39 pm on November 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for sharing your plans for the future. They sound very positive. I have a huge respect for Native Indian Spirituality. If you get a chance, share with us some of your experiences having just had Saturn in your 12th house.

        Love and Unity.

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    Spiritual Astrology 

    I am in the process of setting up a Youtube Channel, to explain life and astrology from a spiritual standpoint. Many people have many questions about God, Love, Life, Money. So many things. Spirituality has been a big part of my life for…well since forever. Astrology has been a big part of my life for the past 14 years. Studying the planets and its effect on my life has given me a deeper understanding of life and its many patterns and elements. “Seek the truth” and ye shall find. I have always believed this. However I know that if its not in the planets for a person to know something, then chances are it wont happen until its sopposed to. Have your birth chart read can open you up to understanding your life as it exists right now…even your life as how you were meant to be. Meaning your zodiac characteristics and the general backdrop of your life. So why then do people consult an astrologer at all. To gain greater understand of themselves and sometimes to get questions to some very tough questions answered. All astrology is spiritual…it just takes a spiritually tuned astrologer to reveal your spiritual journey to you.


    Check out my new blog post on “how to Increase your Psychic Abilities”

    Bye for now.

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