Saturn transits in the 12 house 

Saturn is now going through the 12 house of my astrological chart. If you are familar with astrology you are feeling sorry for me right now. Truthfully I feel sorry for my self. I notice alot of self doubt and lack of confidence (same thing…lol) I just cant seem to shake it. I have asked my spirit guides to help me with this and they have. I do feel better since speaking with them. I know Saturn will be in my 12 house for some time, so I am telling my self to get used to the fact. In case you too have saturn transiting your 12 house here are some things you can expect. but first lets take a look at what this planet (Saturn) and what this house (the 12 house) mean on their own.

Meaning and Influence of the planet Saturn

Saturn is the wise teacher of astrology. He shows us where we need to grow up and why we need to grow up. He shows us where our false beliefs lie. His is intention is not to make us misaerable, but to show us that they long road may be long but in the end it is more stable more sound. Saturn guides us to take stock of our selves and where we can make changes. Wherever Saturn sits in your birth chart is probably the area that you have had the toughest time in life, but may also be the area in which you feel most wise, most mature and most aware of who you truely are. Saturn forces you to set boundaries for your self, to take a stand, and to fight for what you believe is rightfully yours and nothing less.

Saturn transits in your progressed birth chart represents where you may be kidding your self or where you are learning. Kidding your self??? yes, Each transit comes through, goes retrogade and then comes back again. By the time it is on its second go around in a particular house, you will have learned a thing or two because the retrogade taught you what will not work, and they you learn to rework it. Except for saturn in the 12 house, this placement, can mean emotional questions by the querant to him self.

  • Saturn in the 12th house….
  • Can cause a person to be self doubting
  • Some May contemplate suicide
  • To seek help from professionals regarding the emotions or help
  • Question life and its meaning
  • To feel Sad

I have been experiencing all of these things, but before you run away screaming, it is important to know why these things may come up duringĀ  a Saturn transit to your 12 th house.

Neptune and Pisces meanings

Neptune is the planet of ideals. Some ideals are very clear, and at other times unclear. Neptune is the dreamer in astrology, he help us to know what we want by day daydreaming, visualization etc. Neptune rules the law of attraction, cloudiness, deception, lies, and our insecurities. Loving Pisces is ruled by neptune. Most Pisces men and women tend to be sensitive and caring. However this zodiac sign is prone to very low lows and the highest of highs. Pisces people tend to be very warm and engaging one moment, and very distant and inward the next. This is the nature of the Neptunian influence.

Just to write this is bringing me down. If you also have Saturn transiting your 12 house, please know it will not last forever. Focus on your goals, use the law of attraction to draw healthy experiences to you, and just wait for the planet to leave its retrogade movement. During this time you may experience a long held goal coming to fruition. Work hard on your goals and Saturn will reward you. For more information check out my post onĀ  “what is astrology.”