Astrology Readings for Couples – Love and Compatibility 

Hi my name is Yuajah, I do astrology readings for couples. Maybe you are part of a couple who wants to know exactly how compatible you and your partner really are? Maybe you want to know if this relationship has staying power? Whatever your questions are about your relationship, Astrology can help.

Why do most people get couples astrology readings?

Most people get a couples reading, otherwise known as a love and compatibility astrology reading, to know if they are with “the right” person. Some individuals do it just for fun, because they already know they are with the one that is just perfect for them. Either way if you want some answers regarding compatibility and love in your relationship, a love compatibility reading is right for you.

What does an astrology love and compatibility reading involve

The love compatibility astrology reading is a very common type of reading cast by an astrologer. For the reading to be successful I always ask my client for

  • The birth date of both partners
  •  The birth city of both partners
  • The birth country of both partners
  • The birth time of both partners if known (this is not a must)
  • Indication of which partner is male and which partner is female
  • Or if this is a same-sex couple
  • The two first names of both partners 

With this information, I am able to enter into my astrological software and cast the birth chart of the two parties superimposed. This shows me the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Otherwise known in astrology as “stresses and strains.”  And how each partner is effecting the others lives “as one” I do not put too much emphasis on this information in my reading, because there is much more meaningful information that can be revealed and that is helpful to the couple.

What does a compatibility reading reveal that can help the couple

  • my astrology reading for couples covers – sexual compatibility
  • my astrology reading for couples covers – love compatibility
  • my astrology reading for couples covers – emotional compatibility
  • my astrology reading for couples covers – outlook on life compatibility
  • my astrology reading for couples covers – relationships understanding compatibility
  • my astrology reading for couples covers – communication compatibility

As your astrologer, if I find that the couple are incompatible in one or more of these area, advice will be given to deepen the bond in that area therefore strengthening the relationship. Astrology is a tool and when used properly can enrich love between two souls.

How to book a Reading with Yuajah

To book an astrology compatibility reading, you can visit my website  or simply email me, lets chat.  compatibility readings are $45, and are video recorded for you to watch and play back. Have a nice day.