Astrology is the mathematical calculation and charting, of planetary movements and influences, on a person’s life, behavior, and future. In other words astrology is based on facts. The time and day of your birth is one of the most significant points in a person’s life. By using mathematics an astrologer can tell a person’s personality traits, whether or not they are likely to settle into a long-term relationship, finances and much much more.

How can astrology improve my life?

Astrology can answer many questions that you may have. Questions about love compatibility and relationship, money and finances, job career and employment, and starting a business, astrology can provide insight, allowing you  to make more informed, confident decisions.

Is Astrology ever wrong?

Astrology is very rarely incorrect. However the information may be misinterpreted by the Astrologer, but this is very rare. Most Astrology readings are 95-100 percent accurate. I have been doing readings for over 13 years so my astrology readings are very accurate.

Whats the difference between “an astrologer” and “a psychic?”

  1. A psychic is someone who uses intangibles such as, feelings, and clairvoyance to read and provide information to their clients.
  2. Astrologers use pure mathematics based on your specific birth date and birth time to come up with your personal astrology reading that is about you and you only. There is no guess-work.

How much can I expect to pay for an astrology reading?

The answer to this question varies. Many astrologers charge between $50 – $150 for a reading. This price may vary depending on astrology readings in person vs astrology readings over the internet and the experience of the Astrologer. I charge $25 / 30 minute reading and $50/ hour.

Now that you have some basic questions about Astrology readings answered its time to get down to some real astrological definitions.

The Planetary Meanings in Astrology

Astrologers use the planetary information, and interpretations to help answer your questions. The planets indicate to the astrologer, themes and present opportunities in a client’s life.  

  • Jupiter – Expansion, Abundance, Luck, Optimism, Freedom
  • Uranus – Shock, Change, Long Term Goals, Freedom, Independence, Financial Planning, Concerns with money,
  • Pluto – Destruct, Rebuild, Lessons through difficulties, Psychology of things, Changes and Improvements, Slow change, Passion, Vindictive, Revenge
  • Venus – Love, Artistry, Beauty, Over indulgence, Self indulgence, jewels, Feminine presence
  • Mars – War, Challenge, Strength, Energy, Aggression, The Male energy,
  • Neptune – Deception, moodiness, cloudiness, deep feelings, psychic abilities, lies,
  • Saturn – Rules, Respect, Wisdom, Elders, Time, Authority, Ambition, Long range Goals, Limitations,
  • Read more about Saturn by clicking here.
  • Mercury – Communication, language,
  • The Moon – feelings, emotions, sensitivity, intuition,
  • The Sun personality, ego, (the querant) the client,
  • Chiron – love, the soul mate, deep love, sensuality, love through the senses.


Astrological Houses (Areas of Life ) in astrological chart interpretation

An astrologer looks into your areas of life to see which ones are being activated and what types of opportunities lie ahead for you in the future…the areas of life in astrology are…

  • 1st house – Self, image, new beginnings,
  • 2nd house – values, material possessions, money, stability
  • 3rd house – short distance travel, transport, brothers and sisters, duality
  • 4th house – mothering, domestic life, pregnancy,
  • 5th house – gambling, risk taking, parenthood, the sex urge, business, money through business
  • 7th house – love, marriage, partnership, relationship,
  • 8th house – transformation, sex, perversion, regeneration, money,
  • 9th house – law, the study of astrology, philosophy, spirituality, core beliefs
  • 10th – career, limitation, job, wisdom, lessons,

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