Did you know you can use Astrology to help you to know when to play the lotto and win! Yes it really is true. I wouldnt make something like that up. There are certain planets that are often active in the astrological chart of a lottery winner. Who knows maybe you have a lottery win in your chart and dont even know it. Let examine how the planets work to bring you a lottery win.

  • Jupiter – Planet of Luck, Abundance, Money, Expansion, Ease
  • Uranus – Planet of Change, Freedom, Liberation, Independence, The unexpected
  • Pluto – Inheritance, Financial Planning, Investments, Savings

These three planes are the major players in the astrological chart of a lottery winner. These planets just need a positive “alignment” or a nice “house” placement to increase your chances of winning the lottery. The houses that are active fore big jack pots and lottery wins are as follows.

  • 2nd house – Money, Long term stable money, secuity, material possesstions
  • 5th house – Gambling, Risk Taking, spending money on enjoyment, increase in finances
  • 8th house – investments, inheritance, savings, money aquired.

Astrologers can look at your astrological chart transits and progressions (future reading) and check to see specifically if you have the potential to win the lottery. This information is something every adult of leagal age to gamble should know. I check mine all the time. I also check it out for friends. One friend of mine followed my advice and won $20,000 playing the scratch offs. It was 2 months before his “prime time” to win. I did the reading. about four months later he called me. He said “you’ll never believe what happend?” …wham!!! he won. To book a reading email me at loveluckastrology@hotmail.com